Get your business going with a logo! Here is what you’ll get…

  • 3-5 Logo Concepts
  • Unlimited Revisions

  • Your Brand Specifications

Your brand spanking new logo will be provided in various forms and formats including…

  • Print Ready Files (PDFs and AIs)

  • Web Friendly Files (transparent PNGs)

  • A Generic Email Signature

  • Social Media Profile Graphics 


How will you enter the ‘throw your card in the bowl’ competition at the local pub if you don’t have a business card? Luckily, this package also includes a designed, print-ready business card file, or cards if you have a number of employees, so you have every chance to win that meat tray. You’ll get to choose from 3-5 design concepts and will receive a finished file ready to print. Nice!


As soon as you have booked in your logo design you will be rewarded with a puppy!…no, not really but that would be cute. Imagine those adorable floppy ears and puppy dog eyes. No puppies (boo), but you will receive an email with a magical link to a quick and simple briefing form. Once you have returned the details to her, she starts her thing.

You can expect your first round of concepts within 5 working days, sometimes sooner! Then, much like a swing, you both go back and forth until you are 100% in love with your look. Hair? Check. Nails? Check. Logo? Check.

The entire process can be completed in 1-3 weeks depending on how snappy both you and she can be. But really, stop worrying about the details. She wants to design your logo and she wants it to be awesome. Just like a free puppy.


Love your new logo and want to show it off? Already have a logo? Great! You are open for business. Let’s start talking to your customer. Want a postcard? Easy! Need a website? That’s not hard. Want a stick an ad on the back of a bus? She’s done it before.

She can help with all your design needs and is full of ideas on how to get you noticed. Shoot her an email for a quote!